Working With Children with Autism

When I became a licensed massage therapist, I never could have imagined the experiences I would have. In the beginning, I was so caught up in sports therapy that it took another event in my life to notice that there were more ways to serve others. After years of working with clients using traditional sports therapy techniques and getting limited results, I discovered Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) and met its founder, Don McCann. It was the catalyst to change my box of thinking. The basis of SET involves cranial soft-tissue releases prior to bodywork. It became the instrument I needed to help those with acute and chronic pain much more effectively. My relationship with Don McCann grew significantly when my second son was born. As he went through his toddler years, my wife and I knew something was not the “norm”. We were told by many professionals that he would probably just grow out of it, but I got tired of waiting for that to happen. After research, research, and more research, the inevitable diagnosis was AUTISM!! No parent wants to learn this about their child.
As we settled into our new home in South Carolina, Don McCann was in Florida getting many referrals for cranial decompressions to help kids with autistic behaviors as well as ADHD and anxiety disorders. I returned to Florida monthly to assist with SET workshops. This is when I learned about what he was doing with kids with these issues. His approach made so much sense when I would analyze my son. I observed the enlarged frontal lobe of his head (many autistic children’s heads are 13% larger than their peers), the way he would bang his head on the floor, and his sensitivities to a variety of things that do not even phase most of us. I began applying cranial decompressions to help him cope, change, and, hopefully, improve. After receiving this simple, non-invasive therapy, the “melt-downs” changed. His eye contact became constant, and he was no longer banging his head (his way of releasing the excessive pressure on the frontal lobe). Things were, indeed, going in the right direction. Because of this, I began to offer this service to my clients’ children, some of whom had autistic tendencies while others experienced anxiety and sleep disorders, ADHD, dyslexic patterning, over-stimulated development, poor immune systems, and coordination issues. An overwhelmingly positive response inspired me to offer free sessions to any child under the age of 9. The developmental years are critical, and some children require attention to help their cranial rhythm patterns, cerebral spinal fluid pumping ability, and the soft-tissue restrictions of the membrane surrounding the brain. We can catch things early and make a difference!
My son is now in school and will contribute to society. I continue to see children when necessary around my normal office hours and my Body for Peak Performance workshops. From fears and tears, to confidence and joy! Every child deserves the highest possible quality of life. Life is full of lessons, so be aware of what is being brought to you. View the video link below for more information. I can be reached at my office, Carolina Structural Energetic Therapy, LLC, to answer any questions.
Video by Don McCann: Help for the Autistic Through Cranial Decompression
Roger L. Turner, DC explains why cranial releases are necessary for children with autism. Please visit for more information.
John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M. wrote an informative article. Click here to read it.
I wanted to let you know that we had a nice surprise from Garrett yesterday. I asked him about his school day and he gave his standard answers of “ok”, “good”, etc. I went through his backpack to check for homework and found a certificate stating that he was the ‘Great Gator’ of the month for his class. They had an assembly, called him up on stage, then presented his award. It was for ‘most improved’ and ‘good behavior’.
So, I am telling you this in appreciation for your time working with him. I know his issues are not as severe as some but if there is any way that I can help make things better for him, then I want to try. I am glad that there is someone like you that is willing to invest their time helping children.
Thank you again!

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