“As a runner of many years, I went to Greg with a pain in my left knee that several orthopedic doctors and physical therapist could not identify. Within 3 visits, I was back running pain free. Greg’s unique approach seeks to find and correct the root of the problem. And his talent for healing in nothing short of miraculous. I recommend him to family members, fellow athletes, and others who are suffering injuries or pain.”
-Julie S., Mauldin, SC



I first learned about Greg Spindler from a good friend who has had message therapy all over the world. She claimed that Greg had “saved” her back. After 31/2 years of Greg’s healing touch, I can claim that he has had great sucess with my many joints and muscles that suffer from severe arthrities. Before and after my appointments,I see his other clients, all of whom seem to feel that Greg is helping them to conquer pain and to get back to enjoying the physical activities that they love. I love to fly fish and I give Greg a lot of credit for keeping a 70 year old woman wading in the streams of N.C.
-Floride W., Spartanburg, S.C.



As a cyclist and a runner, I notice that my body functions markedly better when under Greg’s care. Repetitive activities can be detrimental to the body. Greg’s therapy enables me to enjoy my activities without damaging the body. Greg also helps me with chronic issues related to curvature of the spine. Regular appointments with Greg keep my stress levels low and my mental focus sharp. I believe that Greg’s services insure that I will be as active 20 years from now as I am today.
-Jackie B., Greenville



I’ve been seeing Greg off and on for about six years ever since he helped my husband with his back issues. Whenever I listen to my body and notice that something is not quite right, like a constant tingle down my arm or an annoying pop in my hip when I walk, Greg can always make things right. I find that regular visits for a “tune-up” help keep everything in check.
-Carla B., Simpsonville, SC



“I started as a massage therapy client. Like most middle-age, weekend warrior fathers, I felt that coaches were for elite athletes. I had no clear goals or training approach. During therapy sessions, Greg helped me focus on goals. I saw Ironman as a distant goal, maybe something to shoot for in a few years. He told me that this goal was attainable that same year. I realized that a customized training schedule by a USAT coach who understood my body mechanics was not a luxury; it was a necessity. Greg is unique in his knowledge of anatomy and function, his experience as an athlete and coach, and his realization that training has to be in check with other aspects of life.”
-Frank S., D.D.S., Tampa, FL



Having a physical job, scoliosis has made life very difficult for me. Something had to change. I took a huge leap of faith and decided to fly all the way from California to receive SET treatments from Greg Spindler in Tampa, Florida. I stayed in town for one week, during which time I received a total of 3 treatments. Since my treatments, I have noticed a significant change in the rotation of my lumbar spine. I have also noticed that I have equal distance between my shoulder blades for the first time in about 10 years! I feel great and can’t wait to travel again for my next treatment!
-Sarafina G., Burbank, Ca



To all potential clients, you must know that Greg’s heart is in his work. When you receive a treatment from Greg, you know he has gone the extra mile to help you.
SET Therapy has given me back my freedom. Living with scoliosis since the age of 13, when I first recognized it, has been painful, discouraging and limiting. I have gone to chiropractors on a regular basis for the past 40 years to keep me mobile and to limit my pain. I have taken pain medication on a very limited basis. Only when the pain was excruciating.
I am 57 years of age going on 40. Two years ago, in 2003, I had saved up enough money to try a brace; $10,000.00. It was the Copes brace, and to make a long story short, it was the biggest disaster of my life. Not only did the brace not work and cost me a small fortune, it caused me extreme pain. The medical practitioner was a fraud. As soon as his facility had my money, their services and kindness stopped. In my frustration about the brace 8 months later, I went online and discovered a scoliosis forum and found SET Therapy and Greg Spindler.
Here comes the GOOD part!!! This SET treatment I had read about was in my own backyard, Tampa, FL. I immediately called Greg Spindler and scheduled an appointment. And here’s the BEST part!! After my first treatment I gained 1/2 inch in height, which I haven’t lost since. In fact, I have gained 1 inch since starting SET Therapy seven months ago. My pain has just about left my body, except for times that I am overtired and overworked. The degree of my upper thoracic curve was close to 50, but I haven’t had x-rays to determine the degree of correction. The increase in height of 1 inch speaks for itself, along with a relatively pain free lifestyle now. And, I haven’t seen a chiropractor since starting SET Therapy.
At first, I went once a week, then in a few weeks, every other week. That was difficult for me because the weekly appointments kept me safe. After I knew I was OK for two weeks, I went to three weeks. I am now at every 4 weeks, and comfortable with that. When I get to a point where the combination of a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and a good diet make me stronger, I will extend the time between appointments. I told Greg that I did not want to be dependent upon his treatments to survive. My goal is to be able to live well with only 6 treatments a year. That would be every other month. I believe that is possible because of the extreme healing effects of SET Therapy.
-Jill C., Tampa



I attended one of Greg’s stretching classes mainly to support my husband. I have had “bad” feet forever with bunions and flat feet. I’ve ordered inserts for my shoes and am always wearing comfortable clogs. After a series of stretches at Greg’s class, I stood up and immediately felt lighter in my feet. The balance of weight had significantly shifted and I still feel like I have new feet. I did not go to the class for that reason but its amazing how much better I feel.
-Julie Strausbaugh



I can’t thank you enough for a great class! I have been “re-setting” myself during the week and really feel that your program positions you to win. The stretches are very effective. Michele and I had a fantastic day at your class and look forward to supporting your efforts in the future!
-Ted Hassold



Your 6 hour stretching workshop was fantastic! The way you laid out and built on the initial preparatory stretches allowed me to flow into the grander work. The 6 hours passed quickly; the session was fun and tremendously informative. It was especially valuable to me when you explained how each exercise could specifically and positively impact my cycling and running. Well done!
-Christina Maddox,
CoFounder of headSTRONG, Inc.



“Greg’s techniques are so valuable, they have changed the way I approach stretching.”
-Beth Coe Wellness Director, YMCA of Greenville



Greg’s workshop is phenomenal! You will be surprised and amazed at what you will learn about the connections within your body. All of which will help increase flexibility, improve performance, and reduce injuries.
-Teresa Hrubala



The most important element of healing is knowing that someone is “really” there to support the process. Greg Spindler is that compassionate, caring individual, who possesses true knowledge that is a gift only genuine “healers” possess. I offer my deepest gratitude for the valuable insights and knowledge he shared with me and wholeheartedly recommend Mr.Spindler to anyone who is open to and seeking a positive, warm and caring healing experience.
-Sharon – Toronto, ON Canada



For a number of years I would get migraines and a result of the migraines would be blurred vision… Greg asked if I would like to try (SET)…I have not had a migraine or blurred vision since the initial treatment. It has been three months and I have been migraine free.
-Andy Q., Tampa, FL



I originally came in for my therapy to resolve some knee issues I was experiencing while running, but I left my first session with many more issues resolved as well. ..my back was released from a pain that I had been experiencing for a couple of years since having my first child! And, I was able to breathe better through my nose…My knee issues were addressed, as well as my ill-aligned hips from pregnancy…As a result of my body being more properly aligned I have even been able to run faster!
-Paula M., Dallas, TX



I’ve been searching for good massage therapists for years, ever since I began feeling pain in my lower back and neck…I consider Greg a healer. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results of my sessions with Greg, and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone…who wants to maintain or regain optimum health.
-John R., South Carolina



For over 25 years I’ve been a runner that has had to deal with a constant flow of nagging injuries. Injury management had become an expected part of my training. Over the last year my massage therapist (Greg Spindler) was able to diagnose several muscular and structural imbalances and applied SET therapy to correct. I’m 38 years old and for the 1st time in all of my life I’m not dealing with injuries on a day to day basis. I’ve been able to increase my training volume and recently completed my 1st Ironman.
-Steve M., Tampa, FL



After cycling for 35 years and running for 25 years, my range of motion was beginning to shrink. Things were changing but not symmetrically. This caused sciatica and other problems. Stretching and/or massage had never been anything I had time for, or need of, in the past. I had always had good success without them.
After much pain and discomfort though, my desperation drove me to see Greg Spindler. I’m not a “do it just because” person. I need good, logical, mechanical reasons to do things. These are just the things Greg has taught me. I now have a much better understanding of the “Hows” and “Whys” of a balanced body structure.
-Jack E., St Petersburg, FL



I wanted to let you know that we had a nice surprise from Garrett yesterday. I asked him about his school day and he gave his standard answers of “ok”, “good”, etc. I went through his backpack to check for homework and found a certificate stating that he was the ‘Great Gator’ of the month for his class. They had an assembly, called him up on stage, then presented his award. It was for ‘most improved’ and ‘good behavior’.
So, I am telling you this in appreciation for your time working with him. I know his issues are not as severe as some but if there is any way that I can help make things better for him, then I want to try. I am glad that there is someone like you that is willing to invest their time helping children.
Thank you again!



I am a very active individual in which I have abused my body over the years. I started seeing Greg Spindler back in 2008 due to lower back and hip issues. I have never been as impressed with a therapist as I have been with Greg. After I leave the treatments I feel like a new person. I hired Greg in 2009 for my first Ironman, his love for triathlons and his knowledge of fitness really helped me mentally and emotionally to accomplish my goal. Greg shows professionalism, passion and sincerity in what he does. I 100% recommend him.
-Amy P, SC



Greg Spindler is the first person to give me hope that I did not have to live with pain. After a few sessions with him, I started to feel and look like my old self. Taking pain meds is now rare! Well worth the 1.5 hour drive each way.
Thanks Greg!



As the owner of Carolina Structural Restoration Therapy, LLC, Greg helps many people who suffer with acute and chronic pain. Using advanced techniques involving soft-tissue releases, he treats back, head, neck and shoulder pain, as well as a host of other strain patterns.

"After having surgeries on my right knee, my left Achilles tendon, and my lower back between the ages of 30 and 35, I thought my future exercise would be very limited. However, after catching the fitness bug again in my late 30s, I hired Greg as both a therapist and coach. As a result, over the past 4 years, I have been able to remain healthy, train hard, and continue to achieve personal bests ..."

- Don C., Greenville, SC

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