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Expand your potential—no more limits
Greg Spindler is a triathlon and distance running coach who has the personal experience of over 100 races. Growing up during the running boom of 70’s in Gainesville, Fl, Greg was able to receive guidance from some of the best runners and coaches in the world. With his mother being a physical therapist to many of them, he was able to run side by side during warm-ups and cool-downs of the Friday night track meets during the summer. Running camps in North Carolina each summer were blessings in disguise as they enabled Greg to fine tune his knowledge and abilities to help run for the Florida Track Club in the East Coast Nationals Cross Country meet in 1978, and sub 2:00 ½ miler in 1979. Later in life, Greg was introduced to the sport of triathlon. In 1991 he started his first being a Sprint distance. Gradually, moving up in distances, he qualified for his first Hawaii Ironman in 1994. Since then, he continued racing of a variety of triathlon distances, road races and marathons. Becoming a multiple time USAT All-American along the way.
Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, to race or finish a marathon, triathlon, or an Ironman event, he can help by designing a goal-oriented program that matches your experience and current ability. From high school athletes to senior athletes, there are no limits. His goal is to expand your potential through smart training, body awareness, increased mental toughness, and by improving your ability to train and race from within.
If you have previously been told that you are too old, have the wrong mix of genes, are not strong enough, or just don’t have what it takes, you will prove them wrong. As your training progresses, you will notice inner strengths and courage develop which will channel to every area of your life resulting in increased confidence, quality of life, and performance.
Greg has coached athletes from high school cross country/track runners to become eligible to run into their collegiate years. Adult athletes from runners and triathletes with no background to the competitive age grouper seeking to compete and qualify for events such Boston marathon, and Kona World Ironman Championship. An athlete first before a coach, Greg knows what it take to get you there. He has been there done that since 1990. Are you ready to go to your next level?
“Like most middle-age, weekend warrior fathers, I felt that coaches were for elite athletes. I had no clear goals or training approach. During therapy sessions, Greg helped me focus on goals. I saw Ironman as a distant goal, maybe something to shoot for in a few years. He told me that this goal was attainable that same year. I realized that a customized training schedule by a USAT coach who understood my body mechanics was not a luxury; it was a necessity. Greg is unique in his knowledge of anatomy and function, his experience as an athlete and coach, and his realization that training has to be in check with other aspects of life.”
-Frank S., D.D.S., Tampa, FL
Coaching Services
Coaching begins with a meeting of goals, desires, expectations, abilities and more…… in the office, on the phone, or via Skype. Greg designs programs around each athletes daily life. There is no one size fits all plan. Each athlete has different past experience, body type, injury history, and training must be designed respecting that. Plans are sent via email in a word.doc explaining detailed workouts. Greg is available outside of office hours with coaching clients using hotline cell phone for those last minute changes of the training plan because of weather, questions, equipment failure, etc….. He can also meet with athletes to check on swimming , cycling and running form. With that visual experience Greg suggests corrective exercises for the athlete.
Price Structure- 4 week plans are $149
6 x 4week plan is $715—pre paid
Rehab Fitness Plans
During treatment sessions Greg is asked many times by clients what can they do for fitness or exercise. Designing programs around certain rehab issues takes a client to be patient with the process and open to change or something different. The rewards are great. Your recovery from injury will be expedited and the guess work of what to do without aggravating the injury is removed. Pricing is the same as coaching as the same dedication goes into each individuals abilities, goals and other life demands.
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10 Tips for Success
Be positive. How you think determines how you perform. Focus on success, not failure, even through tough times. Avoid negative environments and people.
Define your goals. Write them down and create a plan for reaching them. A coach can help keep goals realistic and attainable.
Take action. Be passionate about your goals. Don’t procrastinate – get started.
Avoid distractions. Don’t let others distract you from your goals. Following the crowd is a sure way to mediocrity.
Keep learning. Test new products and equipment. Attend clinics and train with a variety of people. Share ideas.
Be persistent. Don’t give up. Everyone has bad days. They make the good days even better.
Learn from mistakes. Analyze the details then adjust your training/racing plan accordingly.
Be efficient. Much time is wasted by not being organized.
Be honest with yourself and others. Don’t lie or cheat about your times, achievements, workouts, and wellness. It will catch up with you.
Have fun. Training and racing should be a passion, not a chore.
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As the owner of Carolina Structural Restoration Therapy, LLC, Greg helps many people who suffer with acute and chronic pain. Using advanced techniques involving soft-tissue releases, he treats back, head, neck and shoulder pain, as well as a host of other strain patterns.

"After having surgeries on my right knee, my left Achilles tendon, and my lower back between the ages of 30 and 35, I thought my future exercise would be very limited. However, after catching the fitness bug again in my late 30s, I hired Greg as both a therapist and coach. As a result, over the past 4 years, I have been able to remain healthy, train hard, and continue to achieve personal bests ..."

- Don C., Greenville, SC

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