TMJ Pain

  The TMJ-temporal mandible joint is located between the temporal bone and mandible (jaw). A condyle is part of the joint at the head of mandible  and has disc separating the two. Like other joints in the body it can be under stress of torsions, elasticity, prone to injury and chronic syndromes. The temporal bone is a […]

Spinal Cord Breathing Exercise

Today’s modern life, many people work at a computer desk and sit for many hours. Even the over the road truck driver sits too much in a stagnant position. In addition, then sitting watching television or playing on the internet once they are home. But let us not forget about the sick and elderly population. […]

The Overlooked Fascia System

New clients quite frequently call the office complaining about a bone, a muscle(s), or a joint(s) that is creating the pain they are experiencing. Their doctor may have diagnose migraines, digestive problems, TMJ, tennis elbow, heel spurs, carpal tunnel,  spinal issues, or a host of other ailments. The doctor will prescribe drugs, surgery or orthotics that […]

Be able to Squat

Best be Able to Squat Looking at a young child doing a full squat it reminds us that it is one of the most basic and fundamental human postures. And actually a developmental posture for  muscular skeletal development. But once we reach around school age, squatting is replaced with sitting. This stalls development and can begin the process early […]

As the owner of Carolina Structural Restoration Therapy, LLC, Greg helps many people who suffer with acute and chronic pain. Using advanced techniques involving soft-tissue releases, he treats back, head, neck and shoulder pain, as well as a host of other strain patterns.

"After having surgeries on my right knee, my left Achilles tendon, and my lower back between the ages of 30 and 35, I thought my future exercise would be very limited. However, after catching the fitness bug again in my late 30s, I hired Greg as both a therapist and coach. As a result, over the past 4 years, I have been able to remain healthy, train hard, and continue to achieve personal bests ..."

- Don C., Greenville, SC

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