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As the owner of Carolina Structural Restoration Therapy,  Greg helps many people who suffer with acute and chronic pain. Using advanced techniques involving soft-tissue releases, he treats back, head, neck and shoulder pain, as well as a host of other strain patterns.

Greg’s interest in the profession developed from his background as an athlete, particularly in the sport of triathlon. He has raced competitively throughout the U.S. and Europe. He competed in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in 1994 and 1996, one such qualification resulting from a sub 2-hour Olympic distance triathlon (1996). He is a twelve-time Ironman finisher, a triathlon and running coach, and a repeated USAT All-American. In addition, he has completed Boston, Atlanta, Tampa and Disney marathons. Throughout this time, he constantly searched for the most effective ways to help himself recover from the injuries and setbacks that resulted from excessive training.

Some of his techniques and strategies for treating the body come from some of his earliest life experiences. As a teenager, he often observed his mother, a Physical Therapist, perform rehab on some of the world’s best athletes in Gainesville, Florida. And this installed the insight of how critical movement is to the longevity of the human body. During this time, he also studied 3 years of Ishin-Ryu Karate, achieving a 2nd degree brown belt. This opened the door to the mind-body connection. He became certified as a personal trainer in 1995 (IFPA) and incorporated yoga into his practices. He began his massage therapy career serving the Tampa, Fl community in 1997. Then setting up in Vail, Co during an intensive working period of 1998 ski season with Colorado Sports Medicine and his company Total Body Awareness, Inc. Working with extreme sports enthusiasts and skiers of all levels. Moving back to Tampa he opened his practice at the Center for Bodywork. Being introduced to Structural Energetic Therapy in 2003, and becoming an assistant instructor to legend therapist Don McCann(founder for SET) teaching courses around the country with him, Greg was now able to create even faster results with his clients. 2006 he moved his family to the Upstate of South Carolina, and opening Carolina Structural Energetic Therapy, LLC in Greer. In 2014, became a NCBTMB CE provider and restructured his therapy practice into Structural Restoration Therapy with developing even better techniques from his clinical practice.  In addition, Greg continued his education with learning from pioneer Dr. Dallas Hancock’s cranial approaches to muscular skeletal conditions. He has begun teaching assistance to the Hancock CranioSomatic Institute  www.hancockclinic.com . In 2017, he began teaching Cranial Structural Bodywork classes. These are the upgraded techniques from his quest of always looking for ways to improve rehab therapy, Structural Restoration Therapy, that are proven through client success.

All of these experiences have allowed Greg to learn the causes of injury as well as effective methods of treatment. The one injury that provided the most education was ruptured disc with fragmentation in the Lumbar spine of L4-5. Still involved in triathlon, Greg found a way to deal with this injury carrying on to 3 more Ironman Triathlons. Using Structural Restoration Therapy techniques, stretching, corrective exercises and massage therapy were the primary tools that he continues to practice today. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge in order to help others prepare for competition, daily life activities and enjoy a better quality of life. He has been on Health Talk Radio in Tampa, Fl. As written articles for Coach and Athletic Director, Race Place, and Pace magazines.

Greg has been a nationally certified massage therapist since 1997, member of AMTA, and continues his quest to educate and help others. He delivers only the best of what truly helps the body. His mission is to expand each individual’s potential whether in the massage therapy profession, athletics, personal growth, or overall wellness for a better quality of life they deserve. He wants you to achieve your goals!


Greg continues to race into his 50’s.



As the owner of Carolina Structural Restoration Therapy, LLC, Greg helps many people who suffer with acute and chronic pain. Using advanced techniques involving soft-tissue releases, he treats back, head, neck and shoulder pain, as well as a host of other strain patterns.

"After having surgeries on my right knee, my left Achilles tendon, and my lower back between the ages of 30 and 35, I thought my future exercise would be very limited. However, after catching the fitness bug again in my late 30s, I hired Greg as both a therapist and coach. As a result, over the past 4 years, I have been able to remain healthy, train hard, and continue to achieve personal bests ..."

- Don C., Greenville, SC

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